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Wellcome to | መነፅር B2B E-Commerce !

Alema Koudijs Feed PLC animal feeds

Alema Koudijs Feed PLC is a joint venture between Alema Farms PLC and De Heus Animal Nutrition BV.

De Heus Animal Nutrition

De Heus Animal Nutrition is a Dutch international leading producer and exporter of a complete program of feed, concentrates and premixes on a worldwide scale. De Heus has over 50 feed mills in countries all over the world including Netherlands, Poland, Czech, Serbia, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Brazil, Spain, Portugal. De Heus also has an export division, Koudijs Animal Nutrition, which is exporting premixes all around the world.

Alema Farms PLC

Alema Farms PLC is an integrated poultry farm, located in Debre Zeit. It started operation in a very small scale 25 years ago. Since that time, it has been steadily growing and became the leading poultry and egg producer in Ethiopia.

The two companies combine the vast knowledge of feedmilling, raw material, animal husbandry from De Heus Animal Nutrition, with the local knowledge of Alema Farms PLC. Together that makes Alema Koudijs Feed PLC (AKF) a professional organization with deep knowledge about Ethiopian farming. We at AKF are able to know exactly what the Ethiopian farmers need and to make a high quality feed resulting in profitable farming.

We have distributors all over the country. For a distributor in your area, or if you want to become a distributor for us, please contact us!